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How to Manage Multiple Health Problems

Published: 10/22/2012 by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. in Caregiving

Harriet is beginning to worry about her husband, Stanley, who now struggles with arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in addition to the diabetes and heart disease he has lived with for years. Both in their 80s, Harriet feels overwhelmed by the number of medications Stanley is taking (upwards of 12 now).

How to Make Life Meaningful for Aging Parents

Published: 05/03/2012 by Michelle Seitzer in Caregiving

Pick up her meds. Get him to the doctor. Make sure she has fresh milk and eggs in the fridge and bread in the pantry. As caregivers, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and forget about life in between the caregiving.

How to Talk to a Loved One About Driving Concerns

Published: 08/17/2011 by Senior Care Society in Challenging Topics

Driver safety can often be a sensitive issue for seniors. A driver’s license signifies more than the ability to drive a car; it is a symbol of freedom and self-sufficiency. Understandably, driving is not a privilege that anyone wants to relinquish willingly. Still, safety must come first.