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Finding a Nursing Home

Published: 01/22/2012 in Nursing Homes

Making the decision to opt for a nursing home as a means to provide proper care for yourself or a loved one is a very important decision. A decision that should only be made after careful consideration and thoughtful discussion on the choice of selecting a nursing home as the means of providing the physical, emotional and medical care you or your loved one will be needing, but are no longer able to provide in your own home.

Although the majority of nursing homes provide good quality care to their patients, nursing home abuse is shockingly common. Although there are no national figures to report at this time some experts attest that for every case of nursing home abuse that gets reported or detected approximately five more go unreported.

Preparing for a Senior Living Move

Published: 05/03/2012 by Michelle Seitzer in Challenging Topics

You’ve done the heavy lifting in terms of decision-making and paperwork, but once you’ve chosen the right senior care community for an aging parent or loved one, the real work begins. The physical heavy-lifting -- and even the emotional transition for both the caregiver and the person moving -- is equally difficult.

What types of nursing home care are there?

Published: 09/18/2011 by Michelle Seitzer in Nursing Homes

If you have ever looked into finding a nursing home for your loved one, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the options. You may ask yourself "What exactly is a nursing home?" and "What types of nursing home care are there?"

Tips for Aging in Place Successfully

Published: 02/26/2012 by Michelle Seitzer in Nursing Homes

If you had the choice between a semi-private room in a nursing home, or your bedroom at home, would you even hesitate?

Activities of Daily Living Checklist

Published: 08/15/2011 by Senior Care Society in Caregiving

Activities of Daily Living, ADL's, are helpful in determining the level of care that is needed when working with home care agencies or looking to find long term care. Use this checklist as a care assessment tool to determine what ADL's they will need assistance with. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, you can ask your medical doctor to perform this assessment or other professionals such as a geriatric care manager or licensed clinical social worker.

Change and Consequences: Senior Care in Today’s World

Published: 03/02/2012 by Senior Care Society in Nursing Homes

After decades of reliance upon nursing homes, the industry has expanded and evolved to meet the growing demand that aging baby boomers and their parents have created, not to mention the fact that boomers and seniors are more outspoken about what they want. And perhaps not surprisingly, nursing homes aren’t high on their lists.

Nursing Home Checklist

Published: 11/04/2011 by Senior Care Society in Nursing Homes

Checklists can help you evaluate the nursing homes that you call or visit. Use a new checklist for each home you call or visit. Then, compare the scores. This will help you select a nursing home that is a good choice for you or your relative.

The 5 “Ws” of Long-Term Care Insurance

Published: 04/13/2012 by Michelle Seitzer in Challenging Topics

Long term care insurance is probably not a household name, but if you are a caregiver for a senior, you’ve probably heard it mentioned. Even still, there is quite a knowledge gap among consumers about this special coverage, coverage that is becoming all the more necessary as public funds dwindle.

Five Questions to Ask About Senior Care

Published: 03/09/2012 by Michelle Seitzer in Home Health Care

A senior care crisis (be it a fall, prolonged/sudden serious illness, or medical emergency like a stroke or heart attack) is often the catalyst for a decision that requires an urgent response, putting extra pressure on those who are trying to decide what’s best amidst concerns about the prognosis of their loved one.