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Apply the Oxygen Mask

by Senior Care Society on 01/30/2014 - 04:58 am
Tag: Energizing Tips in Bloom

With a renewed commitment to self it is possible to recharge your caregiving energy now and save your own life in the process. Think about it this way. Before an airplane takes off, the flight attendant shares emergency instructions. One of the primary directions is that when the oxygen masks drop overhead, it is vital for parents to place them on themselves before applying to the children. Otherwise, they run the risk of passing out which could lead to death for boththe parent and child. The same principle applies to effective caregiving. Apply the oxygen mask first to yourself and then apply it to your loved one. 
One of the key ways that you can do this is to share with your ...

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Brrr. It's cold! And, I lost heat.

by Senior Care Society on 01/28/2014 - 10:36 am
Tag: Energizing Tips in Bloom

Less than a week after my return from San Diego, the winter blues almost claimed me. I was struck with a bad streak of home ownership karma that accompanied a blizzard that left 15 inches of snow on the ground.
Three home issues suddenly arose that were not directly related to the storm. First, I had a significant water leak into my kitchen from an upstairs bathroom.  The next day, my refrigerator started to croak, and at about midnight that night my furnace stopped working. It got down to about zero degrees outside so it quickly got cold in my house.  I ended up putting on several layers of clothing and waited for a call back from the heating service company I use.

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The Importance of Light

by Senior Care Society on 01/28/2014 - 12:49 pm
Tag: Energizing Tips in Bloom

I just returned from a wonderful business trip to sunny and warm San Diego. Each and every day I got out and enjoyed walks under bright sun and crystal blue skies.  I took an extra few days for fun and captured the photo above while on a sightseeing boat cruise.
After I returned home to New England, my body instantly became exhausted and heavy under the weight of cold, cloudy, foggy, and wet weather. In fact, it is snowing giant snow flakes as I am writing this tip while sipping some delicious hot cocoa.
I realize now more than ever the energy that I get from sunlight. During my four years of service as the primary caregiver for my parents, I stayed grounded in Ne ...

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