Apply the Oxygen Mask

by Senior Care Society on 01/30/2014 - 04:58 am

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With a renewed commitment to self it is possible to recharge your caregiving energy now and save your own life in the process. Think about it this way. Before an airplane takes off, the flight attendant shares emergency instructions. One of the primary directions is that when the oxygen masks drop overhead, it is vital for parents to place them on themselves before applying to the children. Otherwise, they run the risk of passing out which could lead to death for boththe parent and child. The same principle applies to effective caregiving. Apply the oxygen mask first to yourself and then apply it to your loved one. 


One of the key ways that you can do this is to share with your primary care physician that you are in a caregiving role.  During the years I served as a caregiver for my elder parents, I increased the number of times per year I visited my doctor from 1 to 3 times per year.  By increasing my doctor visits, I was able to closely monitor my blood pressure and other health concerns as they arose.  After all, keeping oneself as healthy as possible is vital to keeping the loved one(s) you care for as safe and well supported as possible.  Unfortunately, most family caregivers ignore their own health needs and reduce the number of personal medical appointments during the caregiving journey. 


Another key way to apply the oxygen mask to oneself is to regularly share your concerns and need for support with a trusted family member, friend, clergy member, life coach, or counselor.  With a dedicated and loving champion in your corner, it is possible for the caregiver to breathe in the necessary oxygen of support to sustain their role during the transformational journey of caregiving.


Practice Tip:
Connect with your champion today, fellow caregiver! 

Energetically yours,

Michael Bloom


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