The Importance of Light

by Senior Care Society on 01/28/2014 - 12:49 pm

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I just returned from a wonderful business trip to sunny and warm San Diego. Each and every day I got out and enjoyed walks under bright sun and crystal blue skies.  I took an extra few days for fun and captured the photo above while on a sightseeing boat cruise.


After I returned home to New England, my body instantly became exhausted and heavy under the weight of cold, cloudy, foggy, and wet weather. In fact, it is snowing giant snow flakes as I am writing this tip while sipping some delicious hot cocoa.


I realize now more than ever the energy that I get from sunlight. During my four years of service as the primary caregiver for my parents, I stayed grounded in New England. Prior to serving as a caregiver, I enjoyed escaping for a winter vacation week to a warm climate prior to the groundhog letting us know if we could expect an early Spring.  This gave me just the perfect boost I needed to get through the remaining weeks of winter.


Knowing that it is possible that I have a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), several years ago I purchased a small light box. Morning light therapy during the winter months was one key to sustaining my caregiving energy during my final few winters of caring for my mom.  If you want to learn about light therapy, the Mayo Clinic has a nice little article about it which you can access by clicking here.


No matter what you do to cope with the cold and short days of winter, focus on your needs and take action.  If you live in a tropical paradise or mild winter climate, appreciate it each and every day.  Invite family and friends to visit who may gladly provide you with caregiving support while spending quality time in a beautiful environment.


Practice Tip:  If you live in a warm and sunny climate, safely soak in those energizing rays of light with sunscreen.  If you reside in a cold winter climate, make sure to get outside during the sunny days even for a few minutes.  Engaging in outdoor winter activities like ice skating, snow boarding, and skiing can also work wonders for the soul.  If you are not physically active or need to hang around the house more due to caregiving responsibilities, you may want to explore investing in a lightbox and giving yourself daily doses of light to sustain your energy. 


Look at the bright side, Spring is only 57 days away!  

Energetically yours,


Michael Bloom


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