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Whether you have an immediate need for long term care or you're planning for the future, the nursing home you choose could have a profound impact on you or your loved one's quality of life and sense of dignity. There are many types of nursing homes to choose from and choosing the right facility depends on the individual's needs and ability to care for themselves.  You can narrow down the type of care facility you can consider based on a Activities of Daily Living (or ADL’s) assessment.  You can use our ADL checklist to help prepare yourself to talk to nursing home admissions staff.


You can begin visiting and evaluating nursing home facilities once you determine the level of care needed for you or your loved one.   You can then begin considering other key factors such as cost and amenities. It is best to visit as many long term care facilities as possible before making your decision.  Make a point of speaking to staff and residents to get information about the quality of life of the facility.  We have provided a Nursing Home Checklist to help you with this process.


If you haven’t discussed the possibility of long term care for someone you love you must know that this can be a difficult conversation.  Preparing for the senior care conversation is critical to make sure you don’t put your loved one in a defensive position or makes them feel uncomfortable.  Proper planning beforehand will greatly improve the chances of a successful outcome that will result in the best future for your loved one.

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